For the children we provide: an extended family and home environment with natural toys to support and encourage creativity. The children interact with their peers learning nursery rhymes, finger games and simple songs. We give plenty of opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and imitate adults.

For the parents we offer: an opportunity to watch their own child interact within a group setting; and follow a rhythmic structured morning. We encourage our parents to participate and join in with our songs and finger games; this familiarisation makes it easy to incorporate your favorites into the child’s home life. We give examples of simple toys which can be made at home as well as stories and activities appropriate to the age of the child and the season. We have books and articles available to introduce the Waldorf philosophy and we organize many opportunities for adult education throughout the year.

The Nursery/Kindergarten programs are a bridge between home and school for the young child (ages 2-6). Children of this age learn primarily through play and imitation. Our environment fosters the child's capacities for imagination and creativity. The rhythms of the day, week, and seasons provide a structure within which the child gains a secure relationship to the world. We work with natural materials for a true education of the senses. Creative play, storytelling, circle time, and artistic activities provide a balance between the free, creative expression of the child and the teacher-led group experience.

*Thursdays No PM Classes