Children learn about life by imitating what they see in their surroundings. In our school environment, we put in great care to embrace the children with many life-filled experiences. Our children learn to listen, play together, participate in story-telling as much as possible. There are many opportunities for nature walks and farming for the children.

We believe teaching children academics and abstract thoughts too early forces them to use vital energy to think, rather than to grow and strengthen their bodies. Setting the table for snack time, counting out bowls and cups, weighing and measuring out ingredients for baking and cooking, watching the yeast bubble up when making bread are some of the ways we expose children to concepts such as maths and science, in a natural and unconscious way. At Garden House, nothing is done that will potentially weaken or otherwise compromise the child’s physical constitution.

In our classrooms, the lighting is natural and softly muted by curtains. Wooden tables, chairs and play structures make the room both warm and inviting. This peaceful environment, with caring teachers, and a rich supply of natural materials provides surroundings that give children time to play and encourages them to exercise their imagination and help to conjure up ideas from within themselves.

For the young child, the world is new and mysterious. As teachers we help children understand the world by providing predictability through rhythm, giving them a dependable sequence for the day and a consistent pattern to the week, offering the child a sense of security and well-being. Throughout the year, the changing seasons, along with a number of festivals, are incorporated into the daily and weekly rhythms of the pre-school.

Learning a different language is also fun for young children. During the day, the children have the opportunity to learn Mandarin through singing and reciting rhymes. The Mandarin is incorporated into the children’s circle time making it parts of their daily routine.

Our program is designed to support the healthy development of young children by providing a wholesome environment that nurtures the physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child in preparation for primary school.