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Shelter Building Project for Class 2 and 3 Students

Our Class 2 and 3 students undertake the shelter building project as part of their Waldorf curriculum, providing a unique opportunity to learn practical skills and develop creativity and problem-solving abilities. The project begins with a comprehensive study of different types of houses and shelters used by people throughout history, spanning various cultures and regions of the world. Following this study, the students use natural materials such as wood, mud, straw, and clay to design and construct their own shelters.

Garden House Waldorf School's students and teacher gather around to build a mini shelter

Skill Development in Waldorf's Shelter Building

The shelter building project involves planning, designing, measuring, cutting, and assembling materials, enabling students to develop practical skills such as woodworking, weaving, and construction. It also provides an opportunity for students to connect with nature and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world. At the culmination of the project, Teacher Jumana invites students from other classes, kindergarten and parenting classes, as well as teachers and parents, to view the students' work. During the presentation, the students answer questions from everyone about the homes they built and the functions of their homes, fostering a sense of community and collaboration as students share their learning.

Two Garden House Waldorf School's student discussing about how to build the mini shelter.

The Role of Shelter Building Project in Waldorf Education

The shelter-building projects are an essential part of the hands-on curriculum in Waldorf Education, providing students with opportunities for experiential learning, practical skill development, and a deep connection to nature. The shelter building project also allows students to learn about different cultures and approaches to shelter building, promoting cultural exchange and understanding. The presentation of their work is a special occasion for students to showcase their practical skills and creativity while sharing their learning with others and celebrating their accomplishments.



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