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Games in Mandarin

Games in Mandarin
Games in Mandarin

Time & Location

26 Jun 2023, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Garden House Waldorf School, 7 Silverstrand Beach Rd, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

About the event

Age:  4 years – 9 years

So, we have after-school activities in Mandarin now, are they the same as Mandarin Lessons during school time? No! School time is for learning Chinese in a fun way; after-school time is for exploring what children in China do for fun. Join us, and have an adventure in unveiling the traditional Chinese games.

Benefits of our Games in Mandarin program include:

1. Dexterity in hands: Ancient Chinese wisdom believes good sense in hands is the key to cleverness in mind. By progressively introducing Chinese traditional games, our program will unleash the potential of your child's hands.

2. Curiosity in heart: Children's curiosity is a manifestation of their thirst for knowing new things. But too many new things can't lead curiosity to creativity. Your child will experience the Aha moment by solving the puzzles that Chinese craftsmen created for children in ancient times.

3. Agility in mind: Playing games make children have to think about what they are doing. If they want to play the game better, they will need the help of others. Our program will create an atmosphere of mutual assistance and active discussion, thereby helping your child become more agile in mind through communication and active thinking.

4. Vivacity in language: The descriptions of things and the real problems are all concrete manifestations of children's ability to express themselves. Immersing in games offers these opportunities for expression, and this way will provide the scaffolding for your child’s Chinese exploration.

Our Games in Mandarin program is led by Allen Liu who will offer another approach to experience Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Culture. Sign up today and watch your child start a new adventure in Chinese traditional games.

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7 Silverstrand Beach Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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