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End of Year Performance at Garden House Waldorf School

A Memorable End-of-Year Performance: Celebrating Talent and Growth

Our end-of-year performance at Garden House was a significant moment for everyone: students, teachers, and parents. Class One students demonstrated impressive math skills and sang songs, while Class Two and Three put on a captivating play called 'The Theft of Fire.'

Garden House Waldorf School's students, parents, and teacher gather around in a circle.

Waldorf Education in Action: Confidence and Creativity Through Performances

On the day of the performance, the students were excited and confident, delivering a flawless production that captivated the audience. These performances not only provide a creative outlet for students but also build social strength and reinforce the curriculum.

Garden House Waldorf School's students performing the end of year performance.

Acknowledging Our Teachers: Gratitude for Their Efforts and Support

Special thanks to Teacher Noel for writing the play, and to Teacher Sihle and Teacher Jumana for their hard work towards the performances, as well as to Teacher Sandise, Teacher Astrid, and Teacher Allen for their support. We are proud of our students' hard work and look forward to more memorable performances at Garden House Waldorf School!

Garden House Waldorf School's teacher - Noel speaking to the students and parents.



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