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The Flowform Fountain: A Unique Feature of the Garden House Waldorf School

When visiting the Garden House Waldorf School, you may have noticed the beautiful fountain located near our garden. It not only adds to the aesthetics of the surroundings but also comes with special features. The flowform's highly sculpted and naturally inspired structure utilises the lemniscate (∞ figure eight) flow pattern that gently infuses oxygen into the moving water. If you spend a moment with it, you may soon be entranced by the weaving and cycling movement of the water as it rhythmically laps left and right before (eventually) flowing into the next chamber.

The flowform fountain in Garden House Waldorf School.

The Science and Benefits Behind the Flowform Fountain

This movement invigorates beneficial activity that helps organisms break down unwanted pollutants. Developed by John Wilkes at Emerson College based on Viktor Schauberger’s work, they have been used by biodynamic farms for mixing preparations to be applied on the fields, and by the Living Machine at the Findhorn Foundation to treat grey- and blackwater waste. They are also a part of many pond-gardens as the flowform treated water has been proven to stimulate plant growth.

Flowform Fountain: An Efficient Irrigation Solution

This makes the flowform an excellent choice for irrigating gardens and landscapes with minimal volume and maximum efficiency. Our flowform comes from New Zealand, being made by a student of John Wilkes.



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