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Visitors to Garden House Waldorf School

Welcoming Our Guests: A Day of Connection and Learning

We were delighted to welcome students and teachers from another primary school to Garden House. From the moment they arrived in the morning, we extended a warm and friendly welcome to them. The children quickly bonded in the playground, they had an English lesson with games; a taste of the Waldorf approach to learning.

Waldorf School students and other primary school students are having fun together

A Farm Adventure: Exploring Nature and Collaboration

After the lesson, we all headed out to our farm, where the children were fascinated by the abundance of firefly and other insects. We worked together, sharing ideas and learning from each other. We had lunch together and then went on a refreshing hike near our farm. It was exciting to see some of the children spot a large snake resting nearby!

Waldorf school students and other primary school students having lunch together.

The Impact of Waldorf Cultural Exchange: Embracing Diversity and Understanding

The experience was not only enriching for the visiting students, but also for their teachers. It allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the Waldorf Education curriculum and its unique emphasis on creativity, imagination, and hands-on learning. The cultural exchange promoted diversity and understanding between different schools and communities, which is an essential component of the Waldorf philosophy. We believe that these experiences are vital in fostering a caring and compassionate community, and we are honored to have been able to share our Waldorf Education with our friends.

Waldorf school student and other primary school students exploring the nature by riverside.



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